Some questions I’d like to ask atheists

I have a questionIn no particular order:

  1. In the absence of a common moral code derived from any sense of a higher power, how do you decide what is right and wrong? Is it all subjective and situational, or are there some things, for instance, that are always wrong (e.g. rape, harming the earth, child abuse)? What do you see as the foundation of your moral sense?
  2. This is for atheists who want to persuade religious people to give up their faith and adopt a non-believing perspective: Why? I can see how you might want the brand of religious person who gets in your face and tries to persuade you of their views to back off, but in the absence of behavior that directly affects you, I’m curious about why freethinkers sometimes adopt an “evangelistic” position.
  3. Admittedly, I’m not as familiar with atheist writings as I would like to be, but a lot I find around the web is rather more emotional than rational, or based on misunderstandings of what people of faith actually believe. I can understand that a lot of blogs, for instance, are written for an audience of people who are already like-minded, so they would tend to assume the argument has already been made and accepted. But are there people out there who are interested in offering evidence, listening to evidence and having discussions?
  4. If you are an atheist who used to believe in God, do you think there’s a difference in your experience from people who have never had any faith? If so, how is it different?